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Today are shows must be more than just a show. Our shows seek to combine cooperate sponsorship, to ease the initial investment, a show set that can generate income, show time and placement to keep your guest longer, promotional strategies that will increase your parks attendance, as well as utilizing available talent to it’s fullest. We promise a lot, with our experience in Asia we can make this show and these promises a reality. On the next few pages you’ll find how we can make this happen and what Generation X shows are all about.

The biggest initial investment in a show, is the construction and purchase of the components that make up the show set. These cost usually can only be absorbed by the revenue generated at the gate by increased, or sustained attendance. 

We are continually searching for products that can be used in our shows and can generate income between shows. With our “Gen X Show,” it is possible to use several different climbing walls, and trampoline devices, that safely allow your customer to try some of the stunts they just observed. 


Promotional Benefits

In conjunction with corporate sponsors, or representing your event or park on their own, our athletes can perform evening shows at local shopping mall’s. These small, “mini exhibitions” directly promote you and your sponsors. The option to use our management and our talent for staging competitions anywhere in Asia can also brings recognition to your park. 



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