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The audience is in for a real treat in our high dive shows with several sets of diving a hilarious comedian coming out of the audience and our crazy clowns spinning and twisting all the way to the water.

Our first diving set is typically composed of the more graceful compulsory dives seen in the Olympic games. These are done from various heights on our ladder and springboards.

Mixing things up, clowning around in the dillies is the most fun not only for the divers but the audience as well. Flipping and twisting in colorful crazy costumes doing the craziest dives youíve ever seen. 

We have written many different options and themes to suit your needs. Working is Asia for so many years we have some hilarious comedy acts that are directly suited for Asian audiences. The comedy can be done in the languages of the countries we are visiting or scripted where no dialog is need if audience has a multilingual makeup.

The next dive set is what separates us from the others. These are the more difficult and dangerous dives that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Many of our divers come from Olympic backgrounds so the dives are near perfect every time.

Diving from different heights on our ladder, springboard and a ten meter trampoline. Our finally to this set of diving is a mass dive where the entire team leaps from our tower simultaneously landing inches from each other.

Now itís time for the most exciting dive of all, the high dive. Leaping from over 80ft and traveling at over 100 kilometers an hour itís sure to get your heart racing.

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