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When the audience walks into our theater their minds will be racing and their eyes looking to the sky trying to imagine the acrobatics that will be taking place in just a few moments. 

Typically we use two, four meter springboards for mirror tandem dives and Olympic Ariel maneuvers. 

The mini trampolines are ten meters from the surface of the water. The extra height of the mini trampoline gives the athletes more time in the air to perform more graceful compulsory dives and also increasing the difficulty of the more daring somersaulting and twisting dives. 

It also adds more fun to the  “dilly dives” these are the dives the clowns perform during the comedy part of the show it’s absolutely hilarious.

The highest point of the show is our high dive ladder. The ladder itself stands a towering 85 feet from the surface of the water and the divers reach speeds of over 60 mph having less than a second to stop themselves from hitting the bottom of the pool.

Total Entertainment can also assist with set design
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