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In 1907, a man skied across water for the first time.  A crowd showed up to watch.  Today, they're still coming in numbers, and what they see is a sport that has evolved into a show of extreme danger and refined skill.

Any existing body of water can be made into entertainments largest stage.

Total Entertainment Water Ski Shows are on the cutting edge of this sport.  They're interactive and combine a variety of elements:
  • Unimaginable ski stunts and tricks
  • Multiple skiers performing side by side
  • High speeds and daring heights
  • Different styles of skis and boards
  • Acrobatics
  • Comedy
  • High Tech ski boats.
  • Soundtracks & Dialogue

Total Entertainment creates show scripts customized for your audience and park theme, and brings your audience into the action.  All you need is a body of water,  for Total Entertainment to build a show that will meet your budget and keep your audiences coming back for more.

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